Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Singer (That Pop in My Head)

Ah. HARD! Not easy at all. T.T There's a lot of good singer,but top 5 of them? well.. so i turn (again) this list into The Top 5 Singer (That Pop in My Head). hehehe

1. The Corrs
I don't know all of their song, but one of them is my favourite song all the time. "What can i Do"

2. Britney Spears
She is my favourite singer when i was on junior high school. And currently, i listen to her album while working. "Toxic" is my favorite up beat. "Lucky" is my favorite song.

3. The Manhattan Transfer
This is called Love at first sight. I watched them 3 years ago on Java Jazz Festival 2010, and one word to them: AMAZING!! I really wanna watched them again. I wish they come at JJF 2013 and NOT at special show. :(

4. Dewi Lestari
aka.Dee. Again??? Hohoho.. Yes, she is singing too, and writing too, and of course she made her own lyric. Her RECTOVERSO is super easy listening, and very recommended to hear when it's rainning. :D

5. Maroon 5
Mr. Levine, how can you be that HOT?? hehehe. Love all of they song. And i found no reason. Just love them. :*


  1. favoritku Dee :)....Salam kenal mbak Cella

  2. marroon 5 ❤

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