Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 5 Books That I Ever Read

I think this would be easy because i love books. I love to read. But, this list turn out being a little bit difficult. First thing that came across my mind is Nicholas Sparks. But it isn't a book. HE is an AUTHOR! Lol. :D
After (more than) 5 minutes thinking, this is my top 5 books:

1. Lukisan Hujan by. Sitta Karina
I loooooooveeeee this book! Super! This chessy story line, succesfully made me melt at my first time reading. :p And i'm thinking to give my child's name as this books main character, the night warrior Diz Hanafiah. LOL. Idk, but i like its first cover than the latest version. It's look much mellow (and gloomy) and reminds me with caramel thing. Those pinky one is too, errrr.. sweet? childish? feminim? too not ME. hehehe

which one do you like?
2. Sailor Moon by. Naoko Takeuchi
I know, this is comic, but this is books too, right? ;) i think everyone in my age know this one. No need to describe lah yaa. haha. and honestly, Mamoru Chiba as Tuxedo Mask is my first childhood Prince Charming (yes, i have another childhood prince).

i love Takeuchi's artwork. That's why i collect all of her work.
3. Pansy by. Mariko Okumura
Another comics. My very first candy's serial. No, this is not the famous Candy, but this had same genre. And another my childhood prince came from her. Prince Eduardo. *blushing*. I really wish they will republish this one. 

Eduardo's gentle smile. :))) i think i still in love with him 'till now.  
4. Salad Days by. Shinobu Inokuma
My very first comic collection. This series consist of 18 book with short stories inside. Some stories is connect to another. Really worth to buy, to collect, and i'm already read this more than 10 times. :D
Inokuma-san really know how to finish his works perfectly!

5. Supernova by. DEE
Dee aka. Dewi Lestari is an ALIEN! How can she write bunch of "WOW" things and made it into one big ahh-may-zwing story. Oh may.. i'm speechless. If you don't like  twisted, yet complicated stories, i don't think you'll be like it. This one need a lot of effort from your brain ( my brain esp.hahaha) I haven't read the 4th book, Partikel. But i believe, it will be another SUPERB work from Dee. Btw, i love their second cover. The last edition is too simple for me and first cover is too.. not simple? LOL

with all of my trust to her, i believe this symbol will bring us to another BIG thing from Dee. :)
Whooaa. This list is harder than i think. ^^


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