Monday, January 21, 2013

bye 2012. hello 2013.

My very first post on 2013. Whoaaa! It's been a long time since my last post. And yes, i failed to finish my own challenge due to my laziness. Hahaha. :( Before it's getting too late (yes, i know this is already too late), i wanna say:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013, peeps.^^
Wish you guys have a wonderfull years ahead. :3

There's a lot thing happen on 2012, and mostly is a good thing. Every year, i made a wishlist or resolution. From my 2012's wishlist, half of them is succesfully done. And now, it's to make a new wishlist, yeay! I love makin'wishlist. :)

1. Backpacking to Bali and Yogya
thanks to my BF, i'm in love with Bali now. hehehe. If verything's okay, i'll be there on June and November. I have a plan to go to Yogya with my Bro, but still don't know when. 
updated: bukan backpacking sih, tapi tahun 2013 berhasil kembali ke 2 tempat itu. :)

2. Run 21km
on Bali Marathon june 16, 2013! Yay.. wish me luck. Target : 2 hours 30 minutes. ^^
updated: Done. 3 hour 45 minutes. T.T

3. Saving money every months!
there's a lot thing i wanna do on 2013, but i really need to save this money for my future. :) Probably, i want to live overseas next year. nyehehehe
updated: Mulai April uda ikutan asuransi, sama tabungan. Tapi tabungannya bakal dicairin di Mei 2014 buat HK trip. hehe

4. Lost 10kg (can i @.@)
well, i don't think i need to explain anything. T.T
updated: MEH! Gagal seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya. naik iya!

5. Get a photoshoot
my wish from.. errr, i forgot. hahahha. I really wanna do this. It's better if i can have this thing with my best pal or my BF. I think i'm not that "banci kamera" lagi. hahaha
updated: ya begitulah, karena no.4 gagal, ini juga jadi males. 

6. Java Jazz Festival 2013
a couple of free ticket, anyone?? :3
updated: get a free ticket (harusnya dapet 2), dan akhirnya terbuang percuma LAGI. prett~~

7. Get a new job
after Bali Marathon, hehehe ^^
updated: Lupakan!

8. Have a family trip
save MONEY first!
updated: harusnya pergi sama Robert, tapi batal trus digantiin sama "ehem"

9. Cook at least 15 food
fo the sake of my future family, i need to learn difference between salt, sugar, and pepper. *fY!*
updated: Ah sudahlah. Indomi ada 15 rasa kok.

10. Sent 30 postcards overseas
thanks to PostCrossing! i really love this idea. Travelling without going anywhere.
updated: remember to my self: keluar dari Grup KPI di FB. Mending ngapdet blog aja deh daripada nulis kartu pos.

11. a very GOOD present to my Bro, BF, Mom, and Dad
last year, i'm really sucks when i pick present for everybody. this year MUST be different!
updated: a big BOO lagi. :'(

updated: Done! Amin. :D

Additonal notes to my self:
1. be TAFT, less MELANCHOLY, less DRAMA
2. do what i PLAN!
3. more NEAT?
5. spend much MORE TIME with my own family
6. be HONEST. :(

and this is my last list, hehehe. I have more fun with this one. :D

1. New running shoes
2. Eyeshadow palette (Matte)
3. Container for my books
4. Headset :'(
5. Hoodie CONVERSE
6. Wonder Pore Set by ETUDE
7. Mp3 Player -> new HP
8. Wallet
9. SARIAYU 25th Eyeshadow Palette
10. i need to stop now! :p

hahaha. Okay. Hope this year will be much more Ah-MAY-ZWING year.  btw, i change my layout, ehm.. i mean my header an background, what do you think? :3

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