Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 5 Author

Another easy-peasy list. hehehe. 10 seconds. That's all i need to got this 5 names. :D

1. Nicholas Sparks
IMHO, he's one of the sweetest guy ever! c'mon, if he's not that sweet, how can he made those bunch of lovey-dovey-stories that move  people around the world? Btw, 7 out of 16 novel from him have been adapted to movie.

Richard Gere! Charming as usuall. *^^*

2. William Shakespeare
Do i need to explain why i put his name (again)? He's already made a lot of good stories and poets. There's some popular shakespearean's tragedy: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and Julius Caesar.

3. Dan Brown
I'm pretty sure mami and Robert will agree with me. He's so damn clever! How can you twist our mind and gave us such an unexpexted ending??

i haven't read The Lost Symbol. Is it good as usuall?

4. Dee
i've read them all except Partikel. 3 words. SHE IS ÄLIEN

5. Clara Ng
She has a very unusual theme, plot, and ending for most of her stories. It's kinda twisted, but i love that. Some stories need a lot of effort, but all of them, left some "whoa" feeling when i finished read them. Have you ever read her books? I suggest you to read "[Un]Reality Show" first. Or if you like short stories, you can read "Malaikat Jatuh". :) btw, she made child story too. 
my FAVE! please, don't judge a books by it's cover! 

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