Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top 5 Place That i Want to Visit

Aaahh. I made such a difficult things to do!
This list is harder than last list. Aha! Of course lah ya! There's no such an easy peasy challenge. :p

1. Eifell ~ I'm in Love!
I'm in Love with this place. For a hopelessly romantic girl like me *ehem*, this place is perfect for some special event. I want you to propose me HERE! LOL. :D

would you dear?
2. Maldive ~ and i'm feeling blue~~
This place is so magical! Those blue sea and white water, just too good to be true. Someone's promise me,he'll bring me there. Wish he still remember. :')

see those clear water? :3
3. St. Peter Basilica ~ sssttt..
This is the most popular church and "base camp" for Catholic people. I'm curious with this place after i read Angel and Demon from Dan Brown.

this place is pretty cool inside, and they have a "woww" architectural

4. Praque ~ let's get lost!
Hmm, i choose this place without knowing what inside this place. hehehe. Just curious since i read a book which setting at here.

at those book, two main character meet here and share a long warm hug. :3 Charles Bridge
 5. Moon
LOL! i wanna meet kaguya-hime or usagi-chan. Pardon my random tought. i just completely out of my mind. :p But, this will be great if i can be there. Maybe oneday. ^^

it's ME! :p

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