Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Top 5

I'm thinking about making my own Top 5  List. And i challenge my self to do this thing. Starting from tomorrow. Let's see if i can finish it or not. My last challenge start since October 2010, and hadn't finish yet. huahahahaha. I will mak this one for 20 days. So, it will finish on Christmas. :D 
  1. Books
  2. Places
  3. Animal
  4. Movie
  5. Song
  6. Author
  7. Singer
  8. Food
  9. Fashion item
  10. Inside my bag
  11. Best friend ever
  12. Poem that you love to die
  13. Wildest Ambition
  14. Thing you can't live without
  15. Place that you ever visited
  16. Beauty related wish-list
  17. Christmas present wish-list
  18. Present Idea
  19. Things to do on Christmas
  20. Best things on 2012

This list is kinda random thing. But as you can see, the first 10 item, just an ordinary one. Blamee my lazy brain. :p. list on no.11-15, need a little bit effort to my brain, and the last five.... Hehehehhee. To make it's easier for me, i just make a christmas related thing ( 2 of them is my wishlist, LOL. I guess you already know what it's mean. :D)

I'm starting to get excited now. hahaha.

okay, back to work Cella! Rest time is over. :'D


  1. iiiii bikin pengen ikutan xD

  2. sana bikin gih. Sapa tau ad yang bisa g contek nanti. hahaha

    1. kategorinya mah gw niru eluuuu hahaha gw terlalu malesss buat bikin sendiri.. mudah2an ntar malem gw ga lupa buat bikin :D

  3. Boleh ikutan gak? Pinjem kategorinya juga? xD
    Aku baca-baca postingan Top 5 nya jadi pengen....

    1. Hahaha. Boleh koq. Silahkan dipinjam. :D
      Kl uda bikin, bilang-bilang yaa. Biar aku bisa liat juga. ^^