Saturday, February 2, 2013

Say hello!

Everybody love his/her birthday month, so do i! :D
well, it's not the only reason why i love this month. hehehe. There are a lot of occasion this month, such as V-day, Chinese New Year, Besties birthday. And, this month, my notebook's credit is over. :)) I'm planning to take an insurance, in case i''ll get hit by car one day, i'won't be a burden to my parents. hehe. My study almost over (yes, it still on progrss. T.T), but i still undecided to quit from my job now. I think i'll wait to June, after Bali Marathon. I hope he don't min. :( btw, yesterday is my payday, and i've got a suprise, he raise my salary!! :D Thanks God, you really know that i need much this month *ketjupsbasah*.

Tomorow is Sonia's birthday, and tonight we are going to have a sleepover at her room, with Lemot., Unfortunately, Acil can't join us. hiks. Miss you all guys. :(

Wish me a good day, good month, good life, and good love. ^^

*ps. any idea for vals present?


  1. great blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  2. Helooo... kalo itu sie sakit hamsternya... bawa ke dokter hewan aja.. sebelum kejadiannya kayak aq... hamster pertamaku mati gr2 tumor... gitu.. makanya sebelum telat bawa ke dokter aja.. soalnya dokter hewan jg bisa nyembuhin hamster... waktu itu sie sempet tumornya ilang gr2 aq kasi minuman yg namanya chlorophyl... tpi setelah brnti dikasi itu dia tumbuh lagi tumornya...