Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woman - Men - Gay

Ketika mencari teman kencan:
Woman will select carefully every single man who came along. Men will always look at her body. And gay will ask him to go on bad if he likes and leave him if he doesn't likes.

Ketika jatuh cinta:
Woman will care very deeply to the one that she love. Men will give her what she needs. And gay will protect himself from broken heart.

Ketika diselingkuhi:
Woman will do cry even blame on herself for what have been done. Men will leave the untrusted woman no matter how sorry she is. And gay will sleep with the one that has been slept with his boyfriend.

Ketika berebut kecengan dengan teman:
Woman will give him up for her best friend. Men will push her choose between he and his friends. And gay will share him with his friend even doing threesome.

Ketika dipermalukan di depan umum:
Woman will run away and swear never go back again. Men will hit the one that embarrassed him. And gay play along the game to show how fabulous he is in public.

*.taken from Didolizious. If you a gay, try to check this and i'm pretty sure that you'll love it. :D

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