Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what makes me happy..?

i've been tagged by Vina a year ago and i never noticed till a second ago. hahahha.
so here it is!

There is rules, that is tag and link back to the person tagged you. And tell them 6 things makes you happy, then tag 6 blogger. Let them know they're tagged.

1. Sweet thing -> sweet boys, sweet food, sweet sttitude, sweet picture, sweet gesture. :D
2. Travelling -> the more you see, the more you know, the more you meet, and more experiences.. :) :)
3. CHOCOLATE -> okay, i think this is a kinda sweet-thing, but i can't resist not to write this thing. Eat a piece of chocolate, and you'll feel much better than before.
4. Hugging -> it's comfort me a lot, and FYI, i love to hug YOU!! hahahahha
5. Teddy Bear -> why can't i stop to smile when i looked at a super-cute Teddy on my window shoping time..?
6. being slim -> i wish i will be more slim. hiks.. i don't remember the last time i looked slim, huaaa.. T.T

i tag:
  1. Sonia from Catatan si Koala
  2. Miko from Just 4 Life
  3. Mao from Goodbye~Bridge
  4. Nana from pinguinzzz
  5. Robert from Mr. Robertus
  6. Vanessa from un conte de fées - a fairy tale
have fun guys. :D

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