Sunday, October 3, 2010

F**K YOU BOYS!!!!!!!

I'm really-really-really get MAD now. I'm tired, starting to depresed, my hair falls down, and found out this annoying thing. It's so 'grrrrrrr'..


There's a lot of thing dat i still need to finish before mid test, but i feel so lazy. And because of my laziness, i were doing nothing lately except playing resto-city, browsing, and keep blogging. Sometimes i felt guilty but ''yasudlayaa''. Hahaha

i know, my posting lately is about ''you'',ME,lovey-dovey-thing, or something like that. And i'm sorry dear fellas if they were disturbing u, u can unfollow me, and i don't care. I think, it's much better to post 'bout something that i like, that i love rather than to post 'bout another people.

And FYI, have i told u guys?
BOYs are JERK!
And mine is JERK too.. :'(

my midnite posting always be the freaky one. Hahaha

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