Monday, October 11, 2010

First Day

*. A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

one day at Kopi Luwak, Central Park

  1. Multi talented but super lazy
  2. Clever but mostly doing stupid things
  3. Easy to fall. i don't have a good balancing. T.T
  4. Can wasting my time by sitting at the window and lookinga at the rain falls down
  5. Prefer bad guys then good guys. ( But i got a good one.. :))
  6. Had been thinking 'bout my marriage since high school. hihihihi
  7. I can sleep for 15 hours.
  8. Give me a piece of Conello Chocolate when i get mad, and i'll give u my best smile. :D
  9. Feel so productive at my Broken-hearted moment
  10. Love to hug and to be huged
  11. Always dreaming 'bout a house with 4 children and a Golden Retriever (Labrador still okay.hehehe)
  12. Having a SMS (Short Term Memory) syndrome.
  13. Love BOOK SALE!! can't resist my self not to buy
  14. Moody (my bad one, i know..)
  15. A writer. :)

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