Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall in LOVE with Ashton Kutcher (Killers)

Today, i watched Killers with Agung and Sonia at Pluit Village XXI, and.. GOSH!!!!! Ashton Kutcher..!!!! He's hot, sexy, cute, cool, handsome, gorgeous, etc.. Everything u want from a guy, he have!!!!



Oh my God!! At the moment i watches him without his shirt (eewww.. :p), i felt in love with him. hihiihihihiii (ketawa centil). Mulai sekarang g ngefans deh ma dia. Senyumnya itu lho. manaaa tahannn.. ;) :) :)

Tentang Killersny sendiri sih, bagus koq. Recommended bgt.. Action-Romance comedy. Coba lebih banyak adegan Ashton K-nya topless.. hehehhehe. ;)

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