Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Crestfallen

Hello dear crestfallen.
I guess i know how it feels.
Maybe not what you feel,
But this is the same thing that torn you apart.

It hurt me much.
And i'm bleeding oh dear crestfallen.
How long i need to stand for this?
I can't take this too much anymore.

I'm alone dear crestfallen.
I wish i have someone like sxinner to you.
Even what she do just cursing you with endless sin.
At least you're not alone.

Did you know a thing called paradox?
I have a lot. But why does it feels like i have nothing?
I'm running out my tears.

illustration by blackenthered

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  1. Salam kenal.unik jg profile lu wkwkwwkk..interesting..lanjutkaannnn