Tuesday, January 4, 2011

quiz. :)

Are you in a relationship?

How long have you been in a relationship with this person?
5 months and 23 days

Are you completely happy with the person you’re with?
sometimes yes and sometimes no, but i don't think i can be much more happy without him (now)

are you in love?
definetely YES, i'm still falling, nd much deeper tham before. :p

Do your friends like your partner?
not really. :'(

Does anyone around you NOT support the relationship?
idk. hopes there's no one

Have your parents met your partner?
my mom yes, daddy haven't

Are you happier single or in a relationship?
another DEFINETELY in a relationship. :p

Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
no, i'm the annoying one sometimes. hahahaha

Have you and your partner ever broken up and gotten back together?

Do you want to get married?
is there any woman who don't want to get married?

Would you ever leave the person you are with?
not at the time i'm still falling

Do you regret any of your past relationships?

Would you ever date your best male/female friend?
not for this time. :)

Would you believe your ex if she/he said they love you?
i'll said "FUCK YOU"

Have u ever flirted with a friends crush?
yes.. hehehehe

Ever liked someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend?
yes. :')

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
depends on

What is the biggest age gap you have dated?
2 years, 4 months and 22 days

Have you dated people who were not good to you?
absolutely not.

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