Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Singer (That Pop in My Head)

Ah. HARD! Not easy at all. T.T There's a lot of good singer,but top 5 of them? well.. so i turn (again) this list into The Top 5 Singer (That Pop in My Head). hehehe

1. The Corrs
I don't know all of their song, but one of them is my favourite song all the time. "What can i Do"

2. Britney Spears
She is my favourite singer when i was on junior high school. And currently, i listen to her album while working. "Toxic" is my favorite up beat. "Lucky" is my favorite song.

3. The Manhattan Transfer
This is called Love at first sight. I watched them 3 years ago on Java Jazz Festival 2010, and one word to them: AMAZING!! I really wanna watched them again. I wish they come at JJF 2013 and NOT at special show. :(

4. Dewi Lestari
aka.Dee. Again??? Hohoho.. Yes, she is singing too, and writing too, and of course she made her own lyric. Her RECTOVERSO is super easy listening, and very recommended to hear when it's rainning. :D

5. Maroon 5
Mr. Levine, how can you be that HOT?? hehehe. Love all of they song. And i found no reason. Just love them. :*

Monday, December 10, 2012

H - 57

I'm 21 years 10 months and 5 days now.
Happy birthday to me. *blowing candles*

Is it means i'm mature enough?
Well, physically i''m mature. My reproduction system is ready to get fertilized. hahahaha
But how about deep inside my heart??
I don't feel like i'm a grown up. Not yet.

I read someone that 1 who one year older than me said that she's mature because she's already 22 years old. Is she really mean it??

Dear life, please behave. :(
You really didn't cooperate with me lately. My thesis sucks. Super sucks. My boyfriend busy. Super!! I waste my sunday and saturday with working. :'( Hiks.. i miss those old quality times (OLD?? It's just 6 months ago!)

Top 5 Author

Another easy-peasy list. hehehe. 10 seconds. That's all i need to got this 5 names. :D

1. Nicholas Sparks
IMHO, he's one of the sweetest guy ever! c'mon, if he's not that sweet, how can he made those bunch of lovey-dovey-stories that move  people around the world? Btw, 7 out of 16 novel from him have been adapted to movie.

Richard Gere! Charming as usuall. *^^*

2. William Shakespeare
Do i need to explain why i put his name (again)? He's already made a lot of good stories and poets. There's some popular shakespearean's tragedy: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and Julius Caesar.

3. Dan Brown
I'm pretty sure mami and Robert will agree with me. He's so damn clever! How can you twist our mind and gave us such an unexpexted ending??

i haven't read The Lost Symbol. Is it good as usuall?

4. Dee
i've read them all except Partikel. 3 words. SHE IS ÄLIEN

5. Clara Ng
She has a very unusual theme, plot, and ending for most of her stories. It's kinda twisted, but i love that. Some stories need a lot of effort, but all of them, left some "whoa" feeling when i finished read them. Have you ever read her books? I suggest you to read "[Un]Reality Show" first. Or if you like short stories, you can read "Malaikat Jatuh". :) btw, she made child story too. 
my FAVE! please, don't judge a books by it's cover! 

Top 5 (Currently) Booster Song to Run

I love music. Listening to them on my every moods. Basically i love slow pop song. And now, i turn to love modern jazz. :D it's hard to make top 5 best song, they are too MUCH! How can i eliminate them one by one and leave only 5?? So, i decided to turn this list into my booster song list on my morning run. :)

1. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
"Turn it up (Turn it up) [3x]
C'mon baby, just
Pump it (Louder) [6x]"

This song really nice to PUMP ur heart. :p

2. Maneater - Nelly Furtado
"Man eater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all of her love
She's a man eater
Make you buy cars
Make you cut cords
Make you fall in, fall in love
She's a man eater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all, all of her love
She's a man eater
Make you buy cars
Make you cut cords
Wish you never ever met her at all"

Feels like i'm such an EATER! Rawr. nom.nom..

3. Lucky Strike - Maroon 5
"You're such a motivator, I gotta get you where
So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir
You're such an instigator, you wanna play the game
Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her
And I can't wait another minute
I can't take the look she's giving
Your body rocking, keep me up all night
One in a million
My lucky strike"

A motivator song. :p

4. Womanizer - Britney Spears
Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer
You're a Womanizer, oh Womanizer oh
You're a Womanizer, baby
You you you are, You you you are
Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer

HENSHIN!! from maneater to womanizer. 8D

5. Move Like Jagger - Maroon 5
So get in the car
We can ride it
Wherever you want
Get inside it
And you want to steer
But I'm shifting gears
I'll take it from here (Oh! Yeah yeah!)
And it goes like this (Uh)"

Mr. Adam! Would you wait on my finish line? :D

Sunday, December 9, 2012


and i'm in love too after watch this short movie, Tralalalla~~

Since there’s so many questions on how they met, an interviewer asked Dom before and he replied-
“I met Michelle, two years ago in a cafe in Paris. She was sitting at the next table and she didn’t know how to ask for something in french to the waiter, so I helped. We had dinner that evening, and I had no idea who she was. We kept in touch on the internet later and that’s when I saw that she was famous on the web, “Dominique told us.

Aww, do they meet at Paris? I need to go to Paris ASAP! In case they out of "this-kind-of-guy" stock.
Sory mr. Kutcher, you have no point of interest anymore since you were cheating.

Top 5 (Romantic) Movie That I Watch

Aaaahh, finally i met this easy peasy list. ^^

1. Moulin Rouge
First time i watched this movie, maybe when i'm on my 1st grade Junior High School. And they put this movie at 1.00 am! Hah! Lucky me found this one. And i'm totally hipnotize with this magical atmosphere. hehehe. Love, Lust, Cabaret, Glamour, Music, Night Life and of course Tragedy. :')

best quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and beloved in return" ~ Christian
No Laws. No Limits. One Rule. Never Fall in Love

2. Romeo + Juliet
Who doesnt know this one??? Where are live dude? Pluto??

my favourite quote:
If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?

Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.

Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.

Then have my lips the sin that they have took.

Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again.

You kiss by the book.” 

Juliet: "My only love sprung from my only hate."

3. Shakespeare in Love
Did you ever wonder how can Shakespare made such a super amazing tragedy as like Romeo and Juliet? Go watch this one! (yes, now you know that i love Shakespeare. He's such a good poetry, and definetly a good writer too)

memorable quote:
William Shakespeare: "Can you love a fools?"
Viola de Lesseps: "Can you love a players?"

Love is The Only Inspiration

4. 500 Days of Summer
One of some twisted movie that i ever watch (but not as twisted as Love Me if You Dare). This movie remind you, that love isn't always had a happy ending. :') C'mon, "happily ever after" isn't exist, dear.

love-hate quote:
when he's on lovey-dovey time
Tom: It's official. I'm in love with Summer. [while Montage of Summer plays
: I love her smile. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps.

when they broke-up
Tom: [Montage of Summer] I hate her crooked teeth. I hate her 1960s haircut. I hate her knobby knees. I hate her cockroach-shaped splotch on her neck. I hate the way she smacks her lips before she talks. I hate the way she sounds when she laughs. [Fade to black as Swayze's "She's Like the Wind" plays briefly
Bus Driver
: [Open to Tom standing while bus comes to a sudden stop] Sir, you need to get off the bus. 

Boy meets Girl. Boy fall in love. Girl doesn't

5. The Time Traveller's Wife
love this theme! It's hard to find when everything's began, since he's a time traveller. This man meet the love of her life at 24 years old, but the woman? He's know him for her entire life, since she's on 8th years. Very recommended laah. hehehe

SO-LIKE-Me quote: I still miss her. I miss her everyday. ~ Henry de Tamble

Henry: "If you hang around long enough, you'll see me disappear."

have i told you that i'm kind of a romantic sweet heart? hahaha. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Top 5 Animal That I Want to Have

I love animal. <3 p="p">There's a lot unusual pet that i ever have, like bunny, fish ( i know this is not unusual), congkok, monkey (i had two a year a go, and now, it's become THREE!), biawak, tekukur, cookatoo, and the super cute Musang. hehehe. Not all of them is my favorite. I don't really like my monkey. :(

here's my top 5 animal that i really want to have:

wild and fluffy. CUTE!
How can i not love you? My dearest fury friend, Sleepy. Miss you boy. :'(
Another big, wild, and FURY friend. Ultra CUTE!

 4. WEASEL (Musang)
my SUN-MOON is much more cute than this one

5. DOG
please don't underestimate their ugly face. I'm in Love with this Dogo Argentino at the first meet. :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top 5 Place That i Want to Visit

Aaahh. I made such a difficult things to do!
This list is harder than last list. Aha! Of course lah ya! There's no such an easy peasy challenge. :p

1. Eifell ~ I'm in Love!
I'm in Love with this place. For a hopelessly romantic girl like me *ehem*, this place is perfect for some special event. I want you to propose me HERE! LOL. :D

would you dear?
2. Maldive ~ and i'm feeling blue~~
This place is so magical! Those blue sea and white water, just too good to be true. Someone's promise me,he'll bring me there. Wish he still remember. :')

see those clear water? :3
3. St. Peter Basilica ~ sssttt..
This is the most popular church and "base camp" for Catholic people. I'm curious with this place after i read Angel and Demon from Dan Brown.

this place is pretty cool inside, and they have a "woww" architectural

4. Praque ~ let's get lost!
Hmm, i choose this place without knowing what inside this place. hehehe. Just curious since i read a book which setting at here.

at those book, two main character meet here and share a long warm hug. :3 Charles Bridge
 5. Moon
LOL! i wanna meet kaguya-hime or usagi-chan. Pardon my random tought. i just completely out of my mind. :p But, this will be great if i can be there. Maybe oneday. ^^

it's ME! :p

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 5 Books That I Ever Read

I think this would be easy because i love books. I love to read. But, this list turn out being a little bit difficult. First thing that came across my mind is Nicholas Sparks. But it isn't a book. HE is an AUTHOR! Lol. :D
After (more than) 5 minutes thinking, this is my top 5 books:

1. Lukisan Hujan by. Sitta Karina
I loooooooveeeee this book! Super! This chessy story line, succesfully made me melt at my first time reading. :p And i'm thinking to give my child's name as this books main character, the night warrior Diz Hanafiah. LOL. Idk, but i like its first cover than the latest version. It's look much mellow (and gloomy) and reminds me with caramel thing. Those pinky one is too, errrr.. sweet? childish? feminim? too not ME. hehehe

which one do you like?
2. Sailor Moon by. Naoko Takeuchi
I know, this is comic, but this is books too, right? ;) i think everyone in my age know this one. No need to describe lah yaa. haha. and honestly, Mamoru Chiba as Tuxedo Mask is my first childhood Prince Charming (yes, i have another childhood prince).

i love Takeuchi's artwork. That's why i collect all of her work.
3. Pansy by. Mariko Okumura
Another comics. My very first candy's serial. No, this is not the famous Candy, but this had same genre. And another my childhood prince came from her. Prince Eduardo. *blushing*. I really wish they will republish this one. 

Eduardo's gentle smile. :))) i think i still in love with him 'till now.  
4. Salad Days by. Shinobu Inokuma
My very first comic collection. This series consist of 18 book with short stories inside. Some stories is connect to another. Really worth to buy, to collect, and i'm already read this more than 10 times. :D
Inokuma-san really know how to finish his works perfectly!

5. Supernova by. DEE
Dee aka. Dewi Lestari is an ALIEN! How can she write bunch of "WOW" things and made it into one big ahh-may-zwing story. Oh may.. i'm speechless. If you don't like  twisted, yet complicated stories, i don't think you'll be like it. This one need a lot of effort from your brain ( my brain esp.hahaha) I haven't read the 4th book, Partikel. But i believe, it will be another SUPERB work from Dee. Btw, i love their second cover. The last edition is too simple for me and first cover is too.. not simple? LOL

with all of my trust to her, i believe this symbol will bring us to another BIG thing from Dee. :)
Whooaa. This list is harder than i think. ^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Top 5

I'm thinking about making my own Top 5  List. And i challenge my self to do this thing. Starting from tomorrow. Let's see if i can finish it or not. My last challenge start since October 2010, and hadn't finish yet. huahahahaha. I will mak this one for 20 days. So, it will finish on Christmas. :D 
  1. Books
  2. Places
  3. Animal
  4. Movie
  5. Song
  6. Author
  7. Singer
  8. Food
  9. Fashion item
  10. Inside my bag
  11. Best friend ever
  12. Poem that you love to die
  13. Wildest Ambition
  14. Thing you can't live without
  15. Place that you ever visited
  16. Beauty related wish-list
  17. Christmas present wish-list
  18. Present Idea
  19. Things to do on Christmas
  20. Best things on 2012

This list is kinda random thing. But as you can see, the first 10 item, just an ordinary one. Blamee my lazy brain. :p. list on no.11-15, need a little bit effort to my brain, and the last five.... Hehehehhee. To make it's easier for me, i just make a christmas related thing ( 2 of them is my wishlist, LOL. I guess you already know what it's mean. :D)

I'm starting to get excited now. hahaha.

okay, back to work Cella! Rest time is over. :'D

Friday, November 23, 2012


Waw, today is H-6. How fast time goes by huh?
I wish i'll have a good trip. >.<
c'mon Cella! GANBATTE!! Finis your task! Bu Mety for this Saturday. Pak Joko before Thursday. My  thesis before monay. T.T
Please..pleasee..pleaseeee, be nice my brain.

And life, please be nice. Life went too sucks lately. ;'(

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dear diary
Let me tell you about my story
I know it’s rather sad
But that’s the way I feel

Dear diary
I don't know if this is right or not
Start it thinking of leaving him
But I’m afraid it might hurt him
All I want is for everything in the right place
And everyone is happy
Is it too much to ask for
All I want is for everything in the right place
So everyone is happy
Is that too much to ask for

Dear diary
Strong is not exactly right word
Start it thinking of leaving him
But I'm afraid it might hurt him
All I want is for everything is in the right place
So everyone is happy
Is that too much to ask for
All I want is for everything in the right place
So everyone is happy
Is that too much to ask for

Dear diary
Strong is not exactly the right word
I don't know what to do know
Confusion is all over me

DEAR DIARY by. Mocca

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Entah bagaimana awalnya, tadi pagi waktu jalan ke kantor, dapet ide. Sepertinya asik juga kalo g membuat blog yang isinya hal-hal yang selama ini selalu jadi kontroversi. When, everybody say a good thing, i will say it sucks. And when everybody say, it's a big  NOO!, I''ll say why not? :p

Kalo ada yang mikir, ah.. itu mah cuma buat nyari sensasi doang, naekin traffic blog. Ya elah, penting kali ya naekin traffic? Mau follower g cuma seekor juga g ga pduli. Bagus malah, semakin ga perlu disaring tulisannya. Hahahahha. Trus kenapa g milih hal-hal yang akan menuai kontroversi? Yah abis kalo disini kan enak, bisa nulis panjang lebar. Eh bias ya? ;p

Ntah bagaimana, mataku g selalu tertarik untuk ngasih komen di artikel yang lebih banyak menuai hinaan daripada pujian, misalnya waktu ada artikel tentang gadis yang ngelelang keperawanannya dengan harga yang super tinggi untuk membangun suatu LINGKUNGAN (bukan rumahnya doang loh) dengan duit yang dia dapet, mosok dia dihina-hina amat sih gara-gara begitu? Jadi berasa mulutnya orang sini jahat-jahat banget deh. Yang diliat cuma bagian jeleknya doang, bagian bagusnya dilupakan. Atau pernah juga tuh ada rainbow cookies yang disangkutin sama kaum LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Biseksual, dan Transgender). G termasuk orang yang sangat pro sama mereka mereka ini. Yang bener aja, cuma gara-gara orientasinya berbeda, trus jadi dihina-hina. Woi, lesbian juga orang. Kalo g cewe, trus g mau botak seumur hidup, pasti lebih banyak komn ngatifnya.

Kayaknya emang uda jadi budaya bangeet di sini, atau mungkin dimanapun. Kalo yang jumlahnya minoritas lebih banyak menuai cercaan. Biar jumlahnya sedikit kan juga ga selalu jelek.

Balik ke ide awal, bikin blog lagi. Will i? Ah, ntahlah. Sleepy aja belakangan jarang dikasih makan. hahaha.

Dan baru saja kpikiran ide baru, buat apa bikin lagi? Bikin disini aja juga ga masalah toh? :)
Mungkin kalo besok-besok g lagi rajin, bakal membuat postingan yang agak-agak. ^^

and FYI, kata om Wiki, salah satu simbol dari LGBT itu pelangi. Cantik kan? Merah untuk hidup, pink untuk seksualitas, oren untuk penyembuhan, kuning untik sinar matahri, hijau untuk alam,  turqoise untuk keajaiban, biru indigo untuk keharmonisan, dan ungu untuk spirit alias semangat. Keren yah artinya. Diversitas banget. :)

Pssstt.. diam-diam g berharap punya sahabat gay. Gay itu bisa lebih ngertiin cewek daripada cowo tulen. Tapi sepertinya g lbih minat sama gay yang tidak terlalu centil dan doyan dandan, gawat kalo ternyata dia lebih ribet dari g yang cew manis begini. Bisa dapt banyak ceramah soal appearance. LOLllll

Love is Love, and Love is All Around *rambling*

Kerusuhan di Facebook

Ah, sepertinya belakangan ini sedang musim postingan kontroversi yang dipost ke grup-grup di Facebook. Cuma 2 sih, hehehe.

Di Marc ada postingan dari Babe soal Open Rafting yang ditiadain tahun ini. Sebenernya ga ada yang salah koq sama pertanyaan babe, cuma cara penyampaiannya itu loh. Ga enakin banget di denger. G sebagai *uhuk* (masih) BPH, agak sebel juga bacanya, apalagi kalo liat balasan dia sama comment-commet orang. Sejujurnya, nyebelin. Yah, emang dia orangnya gitu sih, agak old style semacam papa, jadi susah buatnerima pendapat orang. Tapi teteup, nyebelin. Masa aak-anak Marsi dibilang uda pada hebat. Ya elah be, sejujurnya nih, dari segi skill, anak-anak marsi sekarang agak-agak poor skill. G paling parah kali. Cuma jalan nanjak terus aja kagak kuat. hahahaa. Coba bandingin sama Ipin. T.T Ya sama-sama mantan ketua sih, tapi dari segi wibawa, cara nghandle, apalagi skill, jauuuhhh makk! Ah Ipin, kenapa kamu kecil-kecil cabe rawit.

Dan di grup lain, IBB -> Indonesia Beauty Blogger, munculah postingan tentang Sell Out Blogger. Dan ini HEBOH loh! Ada satu komentator yang kurang cerdas, memberikan komentar yang semakin lama semakin ga mutu. Haduhh.. ga banget deh lama-lama komennya. Bikin geli-geli gatel sendiri. hahaha. Dan bikin penasaran juga, itu cewe atau cowo sih yang komen. Malu deh kalo ternyata beneran cewe, cara komennya itu "ga" banget. YAh, tapi kalo itu cowo lebih mengesankan lagi seh, secara itu Beauty blog. XD

Sejujurnya, belakangan ini IBB jadi ga asik lagi, bener sih kata beberapa orang, jadi terlalu banyak aturan, dan g semakin membulatkan tekad untuk ga bikin Beauty Blog. Buat orang macem g, yang dandan dikit aja langsung menuai kontroversi, kayaknya ga cocok. I'll do it (make-up thingy) just for fun. Ga lagi deh kepo-kepo mau bikin blog begitu. Sleepy udah cukup koq, iya kan sayang? :3

Kadang-kadang, g suka mikir, adakah diantara 1000 lebih anggota grup itu yang pernah ikut caving, ga mandi seminggu, ujan-ujan naik gunung bawa carrier, dijemur di lapangan dan mewek-mewek karena bendera kebalik pas upacara 17an kayak g? hahahaha.. :D PASTI ga ada! Yang dijemur di lapangannya sih ada lah ya pasti. Yang tiga poin pertama?? Yang bener ajaa.. Kalo beneran cewe yang doyan dandan sih, agak males loh begitu. Masuk goa, berenang di lumpur, means= BH + Kolor semua basah kuyups,rambut lepek, muka kucel, mata suoer kuyu dan bengkak. Jadi bangga.. >.<

Emang semakin dipikir lagi, g ga cocok kalo sampe yang heboh-heboh kayak mereka gitu. Sukaaa sih sekarang, tapi kalo untuk sampe kayak mereka yang kaaknya seru banget sama dunia perlenongan, kayaknya ga deh. Ga didukung kantong dan acar. Si om manis, ga peduli tuh. Yang polos-polos aja uda oke. hehehe

I'm not beautiful, but dare me if you brave. ;)

Btw, ada giveaway kecil nih. Si empunya minta isebarkan di blog. heheh. Jadi yang mau ikutan, boleh langsung meluncur ke lokasinya si ratu di sini. . :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jadi kepikiran. Rasanya g emang perlu ngelakuin 1hal gila. Ntah apa. Yang bikin adrenalin goyang. Biar ilang betenya. Dan mungkin saat ini g emang lg butuh becak. Buat nabrak g, biar g bisa bilang, hei, g ketabrak tadi. dan sekarang ga bs gerak. hahaha. miris

S.O.S diambang gila. bukan galau. galau mah cengeng. sekarang g cm pgn ngelakuin hal yg mompa adrenalin. biar otak jadi jerbih lagi. kalo ga bawaanny pengen nelen lrang mentah mentah

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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thought
Know my intimate details

Someone who'll stand by my side

And give me support

And in return

He'll get my support
He will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
He will hear me out
And won't easily be converted
To my way of thinking
In fact he'll often disagree
But at the end of it all
He will understand me

I want somebody who cares

For me passionately

With every thought and with every breath

Someone who'll help me see things
In a different light

All the things I detest
I will almost like
I don't want to be tied
To anyone's strings
I'm carefully trying to steer clear
Of those things
But when I'm asleep
I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me
And kiss me tenderly
Though things like this
Make me sick
In a case like this
I'll get away with it

Depeche Mode

*. dengan sedikit perubahan. Lagu ini buat "somebody". Yes. i really need somebody. :')

Saturday, October 13, 2012

aku sepi.

sepi sendiri

aku bosan

bosan selalu sendiri

aku rindu

ricuh ramai hiruk pikuk

rindu hangat canda tawa

rindu kebersamaan

rindu keberadaan

aku sendiri

aku bdrdua namun sendiri

aku bdramai-ramai terasa sendiri.

aku bosan dengan sepi

bosan sendiri

mereka bilang aku hebat

bisa berjalan sendiri

berlarian kesana kemari sendiri

aku tidak hebat

berjalan,brrlari atau mati ditempat

tidak banyak pilihan


aku mulai benci sendiri.

aku sepi

sepi dan sendiri aku benci.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way

than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. 

-Pablo Neruda-

i don't even know, how can i fall for you, when everything starts, or where it begin.
i love you, without any considering about our age gap.
i love you, just it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


if i can give the world to you, i will..

if i need to smile even it hurts, i will..

if all i can do is this, i will never stop.

Saking capenya kemarin, tau-tau otak jadi jernih banget dan g menyadari kalo selama ini g bener-bener sucks. Mesti usaha lebih keras lagi Cella. meski nguatin niat lagi. mesti nabung ngumpulin modal buat married..

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ingin ini, ingin itu, banyak sekali..

Tadi pas jalan-jalan di Empo, g menyadari satu hal. Those make-up thingy isn't suit me, apalagi nail art. Beh.. Liat ni kuku g. Messy banget. Berantakan najong. Hahahaha. Ntah apa yang bikin g kemarin beli NYX Crimson Amulet pallete yang mahal itu. And i swear, that will be my last pallete. for this year *grinning*.
Tapi beneran ih, beginian ga cocok banget sama g. G ga suka prinsip "Cantik itu butuh pengorbanan". Raanya mulai sekarang, g ga mau lagi melakukan sesuatu yang menyusahkan. Kayak repot-repot pake eyeshadow. Dandan natural aja udah lebih dari cukup. Toh Ipin juga ga pernah protes, malah kliatannya dia ga suka-suka amat tuh kalo cewenya berlenong ria. hehehe
Mungkin sekarang g bakal balik ke style g yang dulu, sporty cuek alias sebodo-amat-g-mau-pake-apa-bukan-urusan-lu. Mau beli sendal gunung lagi. Mau beli sepatu nike buat lari *yes! i think i'm starting in love with this run-thingy*. Mau beli sport bra. Mau camera underwater. Mau MP3 palyer baru!! Hahaaha. Ga mau lagi deh cari flat shoes. Moyung. Nanti aja kalo mau kerja. Sekarang cukup pake kets. :)
Tapi kalo skin care, bakal tetep g jalanin, berasa loh. Lebih mulus dan glowy. hihihihi *centil najong*.
Btw, 4 hari lagi g bakal lari loh. My very first running event. Lari 10km. hehehe. Makanya pengen beli bra sport nih. Mau yang ijo. Tapi mahaall... T.T Duit g uda cekak gara-gara si Crimson itu. hiks. Apa g jual aja ya? Iyaaaa!!!! Bener-bener.. g jual 240k. Ada yang mau ga ya? uda g jual rugi tuh. Lumayan buat nambah duit jajan ke Bali nanti. hehehe.
Ngomong-ngomong Bali, g juga pengen beli tankini. Baju renang g kan item one piece yang monoton abis. Penegnnya bikini sih. Tapi kayaknya dengan lemak bertebaran dimana-mana, bisa dikubur dalem pasir sama Ipin kali. hahahha. Mungkin kalo tu Crimson jadi dijual, bakal g rubah jadi tankini. :D
oiya, sebelum bertobat dari make-up thingy, sepertinya g masih akan beli 2-3 barang lagi. *grinning*

Sunday, August 5, 2012

101 things to do

i got this book at Times karawaci with a good price. hehehe.. harusnya 180k, jadi cm 90k. Tadinya bingung mau  beli atau ga. Trus kata ipin, this is worth to buy bNget. dy malah bilang, biar ga sale kalo dy pasti rela. hahaha...

bukunya oke bnget. listnya sangat menarik. bikin hidup lebih hidup. Target g sih ga muluk. 80 of 101! :)

  1. Write a Best-seller
  2. Swim With...
    1. Sharks
    2. Whales
    3. Dolphins
    4. Tropical Fish
  3. Win an Award, Trophy or Prize
  4. Catch a Fish With Your Bare Hands
  5. Make a Discovery
  6. Throw a House Party While Your Parents Are Out
  7. Be Part of a Threesome
  8. Realise Your Childhood Dream
  9. Learn That Instrument
  10. Leave Your Mark in Graffiti
  11. Storm Chase a Tornado
  12. Get a Piece of Art into an Exhibition
  13. Meet Someone with your Own Name
  14. Ride the World's Biggest Rollercoasters
    1. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, Ohio
    2. Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Japan
    3. Colossus, Thorpe Park, England
    4. Superman the Escape, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California
    5. Incredible Hulk, Universal Studios Island of Adventure, Florida
    6. Son of the Beast, Paramount's Kings Island, Ohio
  15. Stage Dive or Crowd Surf
  16. Get Into the Guinness Book of World Records
  17. Own a Pointless Collection
  18. Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory into Practice
  19. Master Poker and Win Big in a Casino
  20. Get Backstage and Get Off with a Rock God
  21. Be a Human Guinea Pig
  22. Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon
  23. Get Arrested
  24. See a Space Shuttle Launch
  25. Capture the Moment in an Award-winning Photograph
  26. Bunjy Jump
  27. See an Erupting Volcano
  28. Sky Dive
  29. Meet Your Idol
  30. Stay in the Best Suite in a Five Star Hotel
  31. Experience Weightlessness
  32. See the Aurora Borealis
  33. Get to Score a Hole in One
  34. Design Your Own Cocktail
  35. Play a Part in Your Favourite TV Show
  36. Visit Every Country Continent
    1. Asia
    2. Antarctica
    3. North America
    4. Europe
    5. Australasia
    6. South America
    7. Africa
  37. Make Fire Without Matches
  38. See These Animals in the Wild...
    1. Panda
    2. Rhino
    3. Hippo
    4. Grizzly Bear
    5. Elephant
    6. Hummingbird
    7. Giraffe
    8. Koala
    9. Manatee
    10. Gorilla
    11. Lion
    12. Monkey
    13. Penguin
    14. Kangaroo
    15. Tiger
    16. Crocodile
    17. Orangutan
    18. Eagle
    19. Polar Bear
    20. Coelacanth
  39. Go to the Dogs
  40. Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
  41. Be Friends With an Ex
  42. Hit Your Targets
  43. Throw a Dart into a Map and Travel to Where it Lands
  44. Attend a Film Premiere
  45. Do a Runner From a Fancy Restaurant
  46. Scuba Dive
  47. Milk a Cow
  48. Be Present When Your Country Wins the World Cup
  49. See Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  50. Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame
  51. Learn Another Language
  52. Read The Greatest Book Ever Written
  53. Complete a Coast to Coast Road Trip Across America
  54. Make at Least One Huge Purchase You Can't Afford
  55. Score the Winning Goal/Try/Basket
  56. Gatecrash a Fancy Party
  57. See the All Time Greatest Film
  58. Live in the Place You Love
  59. Leave a Job You Hate
  60. Take Part in a Police Line-up
  61. Get Away with the Perfect Practical Joke or Hoax
  62. Join the Mile High Club
  63. Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper
  64. Drive a Car at Top Speed
  65. Shout 'Drinks Are on Me!' in a Pub or Bar
  66. Be Part of a Flash Mob
  67. Visit...
    1. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
    2. Uluru, Australia
    3. Machu Picchu, Peru
    4. The Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
    5. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    6. Sydney Harbour, Australia
    7. Taj Mahal, Delhi, India
    8. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
    9. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
    10. Grand Canyon, Arizona
    11. Angor Wat, Cambodia
    12. The Great Wall of China
  68. Save Someone's Life
  69. In Various Languages, Learn to...
  70. Invent a Word That Makes it into the Dictionary
  71. Have Adventurous Sex
  72. Have Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List
  73. Stand on the International Date Line
  74. Learn to Fly a Plane
  75. Get a Tattoo and/or a Piercing
  76. Invent Something
  77. Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky
  78. Drink a Vintage Wine
  79. Answer a Personal Ad
  80. Spend Christmas on the Beach
  81. Get Barred From a Pub or Bar
  82. Builds Your Own House
  83. Skinny Dip at Midnight
  84. Sell All Your Junk on eBay and Make a Profit
  85. Visit the World's Tallest Buildings
    1. Burj Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirate
    2. Russia Tower, Moscow, Russia
    3. Freedom Tower, New York
    4. Taipei 101, Taiwan
    5. Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China
    6. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong
    7. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    8. Sears Tower, Chicago
    9. Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China
    10. Two International Finance Centre, Hoong Kong
    11. Citic Plaza, Guangzhou, China
    12. Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China
    13. Empire State Building, New York
    14. Central Plaza, Hong Kong
    15. Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong
  86. Run a Marathon
  87. Conquer Your Fear
  88. Get Married Unusually
  89. Throw Away the Instant Noodles
  90. Join the 16-Mile High Club
  91. Publish a Cult Website
  92. Own an Original Work of Art
  93. Complete the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
  94. Get Something Named After You
  95. Get Revenge
  96. Be an Extra in a Film
  97. Live Out of a Van
  98. Go on a Demonstration
  99. Confess
  100. Reach 100 Years of Age
  101. Continue Your Gene Pool
sebagian rational, sebagian ajaib. well, life is an adventure kn? :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My new addiction

Ah, rasanya begini toh jadi remaja baru puber? *kedipkedipcentil*

Belakangan ini, g sering sekali ngabisin duit buat beli barang-barang beauty kit gitu, macam make-up, skin care, hair care, etc. Barang-barang gitulah pokoknya. Di rumah g aja sekarnag ada 4 botol sabun beda-beda bau, yang untungnya g masih punya kesadaran untuk ga buka semuanya. Cuma 2 doang. hahaha

Beneran deh, ini doyanan baru yang wasting money banget. hahaha.. pengen ini itu tapi kaga dipake kemana-mana. Mau pake kemana jg bingung. Mana si pacar juga cuek-cuek aja, malah cenderung ga doyan cewe muka dempul, semakin bingunglah g. Dan akhirnya begini deh. Uda mentok sampe barang yang bisa dipkae sehari-hari, yah.. kecuali ada 1 lipstik merah oke banget yang ntah kapan baru akan g pake jalan-jalan.

Trus gara-gara sekarang baca online shop di fb dan punya klik bca juga, semakin gatel lah g  buat belanja. Aaahhhhh.. Bayangin aja, bulan ini g punya 16 kutek baru. hahaha. Yang terakhir g bli 12 biji sekaligus, abisnya cuma 100k sih, trus sekarang g bingung kapan itu semua mau dipake. Untungnya sih warnanya oke-oke. unyu-unyu juga. AAhh Cella. Kamu bener-bener centil ya nak sekarang. Doyan dandan, dan lebih sadar diri. Dan hari ini g kepikiran buat beli anti-wrinkle. huahahahaha

Trus sekarang g punya beauty routino loh. Tiap malem pake body lotion sama lipbalm. Seminggu 2x masker ini itu, creambath sana sini, scrub-an atas bawah. Ngefek ga? ada sih.. hehehe. Kulit kakinya jadi ga pecah lagi (kalo ini mungkin juga gara-gara g uda meninggalkan sepatu gunung dan selalu pake sepatu sejak minggu lalu), mukanya lebih glowing kl kt mama, jd lebih cerah, trus kulit kaki yang biasa kayak ubi itu jadi lebih lembut. Bagus-bagus.. Kalo ga ada hasilnya apa gunannya g cape-cape ngerepotin diri. :D

Minggu depan si pacar ultah, dan masih ga tau kapan bisa beli kadonya. Mau ngapain juga masih ngawang-ngawang. hehehe. Yah, ditunggu saja nanti jadinya apa. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lukisan Hujan

Ini kali ketiganya g mulai baca lukisan hujan. Sejak tahun lalu akhirnya g bener-bener memutuskan untuk ngoleksi buku-bukunya si Hanafiah Family ini. Nuansanya beragam banget. Ada yang manis dan pinkish banget kayak si Lukisan Hujan, Ada juga yang nuansanya suram kayak Seluas Langit Biru, ada yang sad ending si Imaji Terindah. Suka banget sama cara Sitta KArina ngehidupin setiap karakter Hanafiah di buku-bukunya. :)

Pertama kalinya g baca Lukisan Hujan sekitar akhir smp/awal sma. Agak lupa juga sih. Tapi satu yang g inget, g langsung jatuh cinta sama buku ini waktu pertama kali bacanya. Ceritanya tipikal banget koq, koko-dede ketemu gede yang saling jatuh cinta. Yang bikin buku ini berbeda, si Sitta Karina ngegambarin suasananya dengan lebay tapi ga kerasa lebay. Bingung? hehehe.. Banyak kalimat-kalimat dengan bahasa spanyol.

G suka hujan. Buku ini yang bikin g suka hujan. Bener banget, hujan itu bikin suasana dan romantic feelingnya keluar. G uda ngerasain efek hujan ke suasana  trus turun ke hati. Maknyos banget. :p Hujan bikin mellow, sendu, enak buat ngerenung, nangis, bobo. Paling enak bareng sama orang yang spesial. Dingin-dingin bikin bawaannya pengen nempel biar anget *alasan*. :)

Baru baca sampai halaman 60, dan buku ini mulai nimbuli perasaan yang uda g kenal banget dari awal baca buku ini pertama kali. Pengen baca sampe abis. Dan sejujurnya, baca buku ini bener-bener bikin jadi kangen. hehehe

Sejauh ini uda ada beberapa buku Hanafiah Family yang keluar, dan g uda punya semua loh. walaupun banyakan pada 2nd sih. :p
  1. Lukisan Hujan - Diaz Hanafiah
  2. Imaji Terindah -Chris Hanafiah
  3. Pesan dari Bintang - Inez Hanafiah
  4. Putri Hujan dasn Ksatria Malam - Diaz Hanafiah
  5. Seluas Langit Biru - Bianca Hanafiah
  6. Titanium - Austin Hanafiah
Mau baca semuanya. Target akhir agustus kelar. Yippie yeay. ^^ Sebebnernya cuma buku terakhir sih yang belom dibaca, tapi ga asik kan kalo lupa ini siapa itu siapa. Jadi g putusin koleksi sampai lengkap, baru baca semua. Dan sekarang sudah lengkap. :) HAPPY READING cella!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hey life!

Ditengah hecticnya kerjaan, g nyempetin diri menulis di sini. Errr.. okay, ini alibi sih, g lagi agak jenuh aja. hehehe. Maap sayang, ga maksud ngcheat jam kerja loh. hehehe To do list g dari kemaren ada 8, dan baru kelar 2,5. Still 5,5 to go! ahay.. T.T

Kemaren abis makan-makan di TA, pembubaran IMASTAnya Dapid. Trus lanjut nonton. Hanamasanya oke as ussual, pilm juga oke koq. Untung ga jadi karaokean. cihuy! hehehe.. Agak males karaokean rame gitu, banyak orang asing" lagi. Sebenernya kemaren pengen jalan-jalan, mumpung sempet, tapi ternyata ga sempet juga. Sempet mampir ke 3 toko sih, nyari kado, dan akhirnya ketemu yang lumayan sreg, cuma masih kurah ngena kayaknya. Mau hunting lagi, mw ngumpulin duit lagi jg mumpung masih 2 minggu lagi. hehehe

Btw, ternyata birthday Ipin sama Ko Su sama loh! woww.. benar-benar kebetulan yang aneh. 2 cewe yang namanya Marcella sama-sama punya cowo yang lahir di tanggal yang sama walaupun beda tahun. :) Jadi penasaran, apa Marcella-Marcella lain di sekitar g juga punya cowo yang lahir tanggal 2 Agustus ya? :p

Ah kerjaan.. Buaanyaakk! Sampe-sampe sunday jadi pindah ke tuesday. ;) Mau kerja yang rajin, mau nabung juga. Mau beli banyaakk banget. Pengen kamera. T.T Trus sempet kepikiran juga sih, pengen BB yang flip itu. Model lama banget, ga ada kamera, jadi murah sih harusnya. Buat BBM doang. Pengen itu soalnya flip, ga pernah punya hp model flip, dan tentu saja buat BBm sial itu. Uda cukup muak jadi orang yang terlupakan. Tapi gimana cara mau nabung. Tiap liat ada diskon atau skincare harga oke langsung beli. Liat buku diskon langsung bocor dompetnya. Kayak kemaren beli sabun diskonan. Trus liat body buttter diskonan jadi labil pengen. Tapi yang itu sih kayaknya bakal beli deh. Kapan lagi boo TBS diskon 50%?

Pengen jalan-jalan~~~ Ah Yogya... mungkin taon depan kali ya baru kesana. hahaha. Pengen cepet Oktober, trus Desember. Jalan-jalan~~

Apa kabar skripshit? Ah itu.. Lupakan saja untuk sekarang. Nanti biar Agustus mulai g permak lagi. Setelah g pikir-pikir, sebenernya nambah 1 semester itu lebih banyak plusnya loh.

  • Masih bisa bantuin Ipin lebih lama
  • Dan sudah pasti otomatis masih bisa sering ketemu. hehehehe
  • Ga bingung gimana minta cuti sama bos buat jalan-jalan okt-des nanti
  • Skripsi bisa jadi lebih oke
  • Nambah duit
  • Jadi bahan omongan keluarga gede
  • Ga lulus bareng angkatan sendiri
Yang paling bermasalah sebenernya soal duit sih. Kalo jadi bahan omongan g uda mulai peduli setan lah. Ngapain dengerin mereka. Ga punya toleransi, ga bisa ngertiin orang. Trus ga lulus bareng angkatan juga yaudalah ya. Toh selama 1,5 taon ini juga g hampir selalu apa-apa sendiri. Wisuda ga usah bareng juga gpp. Dan sejujurnya sih, g agak males wisuda. Ribet sehari buat poto2 doang. Mana mahal lagi, mending duitnya g pake buat backpacking ke lombok. hahaha.. :)

Uda ah curcolnya. bisa diomelin bos, disuruh lembur semaleman kalo ga beres hari ini. :p Disuruh lembur gapapa sih, lembur sampe besok ga usah pulang juga ga masalah. :D