Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What will i do?

Yep. What will i do 1 year from now? when i'll graduate from untar? Will i go as far as possible from Jakarta? Or stay here, helping Ipin on his bussines? i don't know. Honestly, i feel pity for him if i go and leave him being a single fighter (again!). But on the other side, i really wanna have a job that would bring me far away from home. i know i'll miss my home, but i'm bored living there for 20 years.
Maybe it's not the job. but the freedom that i'm searching for. A free day without my dear daddy said something annoying to me.
And how about him? when i think that way, i lost. How can i have a kind of LDR? it won't work us. For me! Jakarta - Kelapa Gading still in the same city, but sometimes i can't resist the distance between us. There is always the times when i need him the most, but he's not here, can't be there, and won't be there.. :'(
SO what will i choose?
What will i do?