Friday, September 11, 2015

Current life and favorite things

1. Vampire's Love - Vamps
2. Bloodlines series by. Richelle Meads
3. Muesli
4. Larc~en~ciel
5. Fitness Planning
6. K-drama (LOL!)
7. Calligraphy and lettering
8. Hyun Bin. ^^
9. My new hairbrush: Tangle Teezer. ❤❤
10. Snorkeling

Hello! It's been a long time, huh? *blowing dust*.
It isn't just happen here. My planner, my desk, even my life kinda messed up lately. And here i am, back to my Lil Sleepy, counting things that made me happy. :)

3,5 months befote a new year, but still haven't got any progress in EVERYTHING! Meh! Diet, running, split, japanese, keyboard lesson. Hiks. I run out of time and need to make a schedule. ASAP!

I promise to settle my life before this week ends. I promise. :')