Thursday, August 3, 2023

365 Days - Q ( and A)

Buat yang uda nonton 365 days aja nih.

1. Why did Massimo kidnap Laura? Just because she stretched her hand happily on a beach right before his father died? Are you a teen, a psycho, a stalker, or all of them?
2. Why do Massimo keep coming silently? Is he a ghost? How can he appear behind Laura EVERYTIME!!!?
3. How can a candid photo of Martin be aesthetic? Imo, it looks like a fashion photoshoot without any fashion item ( read: Naked)
4. "I wont do anything without your permission", said Massiomo while his hand grabbed Laura's boob. Really, Massimo? lemme told ya, there are another part to grab, her hand for example, or neck if you want to elevate the game. Why BOOBS??
5. See no,4, but he order Laura to go here and there. Oh, and he choked her at fitting room when she is trying lingerie. Well dude, it's a breach of privacy!
6. One fine morning, you wake up and find the hot guy ( with nice abs, big bicep, young and rich) that kidnap you  lying topless beside you. What is your first reaction? Laura: smiling shy shy cat -

Buat yang belom nonton mending ga usah. Lu ga ngelewatin apapun kok kalo ga nonton. Gw jarang banget ngerasa suatu film buang-buang waktu gw, tapi 365 days ini, bebner bener jelek in another level. Dan karena uda nonton yang pertamanya, gw kan jadi ngerasa harus nonton lanjutannya dong. Tetep sama busuknya. hahahaha

Gw pikir film ini udahalah, berhenti di yang kedua, kemudian nongol lagi yang ketiga. Dan tentu saja gw  nonton lagi, sampai selesai. Kalo yang pertama aja gw uda bilang jelek, yang film penutup trilogi ini kayaknya film paling jelek yang pernah gw tonton. 

Don't say i didn't remind you yaaa~ ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑

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